Brand naming has got to be one of the most challenging copywriting tasks. It’s often a subjective process and the trick is being able to suggest a name that is founded on solid technical grounds and supported by the worlds that the name can span.


Slogans are a brand’s girth. They’re fun to write and fun to always have as a sign off.


Something about writing for video campaigns makes them much more relatable. In an age where your message needs to stand out, authenticity is key. If I don’t believe the words I’m writing, I don’t write them.


Whether commissioned pieces or editorials for my brands, it all starts with a captivating story. The language, style, and vocabulary, then, follow to fit the tone of voice.


It is no secret that SEO has taken over website copy and it is now the number one requirement from any client. Writing for a website, my goal is to have a distinctive brand character while incorporating SEO terms in a seamless manner.

1. Ta2meen

“Ta2meen provides you with the cold hard facts so that you make your decisions based on price, cover and attributes. Objectively listing and comparing your options, our suggestions help you curate the insurance policy that best suits you.”

2. El Sorbo

“Some people spend their lives searching for happiness, at El Sorbo we chose to enjoy the little things. We found happiness in a gathering, a community and the drink that ties it all together. We are your bar away from a bar. We’re a timeless toast, a wild night out and a candid gathering at home.”

3. Ellystrated

“Customize happy brands that speak to your customers. If you’re looking to achieve a visual identity that looks like nothing out there, one that's built from scratch to fit your aspirations whether emotional or tactical, you’ve reached the right place!“